Check out our podcast (in French).
We share stories about the reality and challenges of multilingual and multicultural families. To find it, just type mini bilingual on spotify, spreaker, google podcasts or deezer
episode 1 : Meghann
Expat family in Florida with 2 bilingual minis (French, English).
episode 2 : Michela
French-Italian family with bilingual twins (French, Italian).
episode 3 : Amy
French family with 2 trilingual minis (Spanish, English, French).
episode 4 : Virginia
French-American family with 1 bilingual mini (French, English).
episode 5 : Lisa
French-Brazilian family with 1 bilingual mini (French, Portuguese).
episode 6 : Melisa
Multicultural family with 1 bilingual mini (French, German).
episode 7 : Judith
Swiss family with 1 trilingual mini (French, Spanish, English).
episode 8 : Orane
French-Quebec family with 1 bilingual mini (French-English).