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Parental coaching

Parental coaching

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How can my child become (and remain) multilingual?

Parental coaching

For all parents of multilingual children.

Each consultation is guided by your needs and questions: What language(s) should I use at home? Is it better to use the school language at home? Should I avoid mixing languages? Why won't my child respond to me in my language? At what age should I start teaching my child a new language? How can I be sure that my child will become bilingual? How to keep a language when moving abroad? How do I pass on my non-native language? When should I start teaching my child to read and write ? What to do when I am the only person to pass on a language to my child ? What to do in case of learning difficulties ? When is it important to remove a language?

Julia Boulanger will help in a friendly and noncommittal approach.

How does it work?
we will meet on Zoom

Here are the steps to follow:
1) You schedule the date and time of the meeting (be careful to select your time zone) and already make the payment.
2) You receive an email containing the Zoom link to use to join the meeting.
3) At the chosen date and time, you click on the zoom link to join the meeting.

See you soon :)

Can't find a time slot that suits you? Not sure if it's right for you? You can contact me at

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Julia Boulanger

I studied bilingual children at the Master's and Doctoral levels. Today, I coach families with multilingual children, all over the world. I am committed to provide you with information that are both scientifically valid and grounded in real life 😀

Customer Reviews

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J'ai adoré cette rencontre

Les rencontres ont permis de valider que ce qu'on mettait en place (pour que notre enfant acquiert plusieurs langues) était adapté. Les connaissances et conseils de Julia ont permis d'améliorer notre façon de faire. J'ai confiance pour le futur.