Who are we ?

Mini bilingual is the reference in children language development. We are specialized in multilingualism; to help mixed, multilingual, expatriate families or those who wish to give their child the chance of bilingualism!
  • Mission #1

    To develop products that are science-based, fun and grounded in real life.
  • Mission #2

    To make you informed parents with the skills and confidence to pass on multiple languages to your child.

Why do we care so much about childhood bilingualism ?

☆ because the future is bilingual: today, most children grow up with more than one language.

 ☆ because many myths are still attached to the bilingual children and the acquisition of several languages.

☆ because bilingualism is everywhere: in all countries, all generations and all social classes.

Julia Boulanger

She is the founder of minibilingual.
"It was through my studies (in Switzerland and Canada) that I became passionate about child development. I have a Master's degree in developmental psychology and am currently doing a PhD on bilingual education at the University of Fribourg. I am a researcher in the field of multilingualism and a consultant in bilingual education. Observing the lack of support available for families of multilingual children, I decided to create my own science based business to help multilingual families understand the development of their minis. Each new family I help fills me with happiness and proves me all the benefits that Mini Bilingual can bring."


Do not hesitate to contact the mini bilingual team. It will be our pleasure to answer you as soon as possible ☺
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    Information, tips and tricks for a multilingual child.
  • Podcast

    Testimonials on the reality of a multilingual family. Called the mini podcast on spotify, spreaker, google podcasts, deezer.
  • Research projects

    You are invited to participate in research projects.